Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Taming The Sun (Part 1)

Controlling the shadows with a single flash.

One of the major advantages of using a flash head is to control the shadows when the sun is shining brightly.
In this short series we'll be taking a look at how we can use the sun to define the subject, and how we can use a single flash to really 'lift' the subject out of the darkness. It's a common misconception that if there's plenty of sunlight around then you wouldn't need a flash gun. The problem in this case though is that the sun can cause a couple of problems:

  1. It will make your subject squint and feel uncomfortable with the sun in their eyes, and...
  2. With the sun behind your subject, their face will be in deep shadow and exposing for the face will over-expose the background making it completely washed out.
So, in this short series, we'll look at ways of combatting these problems - from the obvious to the not-so obvious. Stay tuned for part 2...

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