Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Simple Lighting (Part 2)

Keeping the lighting simple with a single flash head.

In keeping with the theme of simple lighting, the shots in this post were taken in pretty much the same way as in the previous post - single flash head firing into a silver umbrella.There's a difference in how they look though, and that's mainly down to the background being much darker than the previous shot. Here's the lighting diagram to see what has changed...

Apart from switching the umbrella to camera left, there is one big change from the shots taken in the previous post... the distance between the subject and background has increased, whilst the flash to subject distance has remained the same. The other minor change is the inclusion of a black 'reflector' to camera right but more on that in a moment.

Increasing the flash to background distance, whilst keeping the flash to subject distance the same, has the effect of less light falling on the background and therefore darkening it.

Again, the edges of the umbrella were brought around the front of the face, with the camera poking up from underneath the umbrella, but the vast majority of the silver umbrella was off to camera left. This has the effect of wrapping the light around the face and reducing any harsh shadows, but doesn't give you completely flat lighting like on-camera flash would.

The black 'reflector' was used on the top photo just to control the reflections  and slightly darken down the [camera] right side of the face and hair. In the photo below, this was replaced by a white reflector and it just raises the shadow areas up a little on that side of the face.

Keeping it simple: one flash head, one umbrella.

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