Friday, 25 March 2016

Conference Lighting

Sir Harry Studholme

I was asked to photograph the key speakers at a woodfuel conference and knew that I would only get a minute or two to grab their photos just before they went on stage, or just as they came off after delivering their talk.

I really did not want to be messing around with lighting setups and a consistent theme was needed across the portrait images; so I set up a softbox behind the conference stage and asked the speakers to quickly pop behind the scenes to take their photo. This was the lighting...

Keeping the lighting simple, due to time constraints!

The Lighting

Keeping it simple was definitely the motto here, so I used a softbox fitted to the flash head off to camera left, which provided a nice soft wrap-around light.

More Images

Alison Field, Area Director for the Forestry Commission.

For the above image, I swung the softbox round and placed the subject so that the light came in from camera right, making sure that the light was not reflected from her glasses.

Dr Peter Bonfield, CBE. Grown In Britain.

Melanie Blum, RSPB.

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