Friday, 17 January 2014

Getting Started With Resolve: Video #3.

I've been busy with creating new tutorials and new videos - I've got a sequence of 12 videos planned at the moment, and I know that production of these will slow down as I've just got a heap of work in that takes me through to the beginning of March (which is great news!).

However, I will try to continue to update these tutorials - both written and video, it's just that it might be a bit slower than usual. So, just before I head off to do some filming about a weaver at her new gallery, I wanted to post up the latest video tutorial which covers the introduction to the Color window and how to use (and manage) the video scopes.

Here it is...

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  1. Thanks so much for your great help. Amazing videos and for free. I totally appreciate it.

  2. thanks . kindly do the same for RESOLVE 11 . It does help others a lot . Best wishes .

  3. i am new for color correction, your tutorial help us very much, thank you so much....